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About Team


Sangeet Khanna, MD is a graduate of St George University, School of medicine, (2004). He has trained in the field of psychiatry at New York Medical College (2009). Dr Khanna, has had extensive experience in all aspects of psychiatry. In addition to his clinical knowledge, Dr Khanna worked in the medical education industry, developing media content for promotional and CME related activities. In addition to achieving high regard within his profession, Dr Khanna has a passion for using technology to simplify people’s lives. Dr Khanna, has been practicing psychiatry for the past 9 years. He has been in private practice at his Manhattan office since 2010.

Lawrence Sashin

Focused on the growth of his client's practices, Mr. Sashin’s 40+ years of experience in team building, management, revenue growth, marketing and CRM has proven to be an asset to those he works with. He and his associates identify the critical path to increased revenue and which actions are needed to make it happen. L. Sashin & Associates, Ltd., LLC is constantly bringing new and innovative ways to grow and improve the financial health of his clients' practices / businesses. A recent example of that is the newly formed Joint Venture with AttendingDR that will bring its members AdvisoryDr, a multifaceted, practice advisory agency dedicated to helping its member to identify and reach their practice building/ maintaining goals. The new JVs 1st. offering is a series of small group, peer to peer, interactive video conferences that touch on the hot points of the day to day management of your practice. These 1hour sessions unlock some of the secrets of success that are right in front of you but are obscured by day to day running of running a practice. See more about Mr. Sashin @ www.planactgrow.com and www.strategicadvisoryboard.net or contact him @ LSashin@planactgrow.com.

Pinky Verma

Hiring specialist currently serving the healthcare industry . Collaborating with some of the brightest minds in health care industry. Primarily responsible for filling job openings with qualified physicians or professional individuals seeking employment in the healthcare industry. Acting as a link between the employer and the potential employee, recruiting the best Healthcare candidates based upon the explicit needs of the employer. Currently associated with AttendingDr. Which is a Professional Medical Network, comprised of physicians, medical societies, administrators, and executives of healthcare organizations throughout the US. This network is empowered by a HIPAA-secure communication platform which enables both physicians and administrators to fulfill their daily tasks, manage group or association members, exchange patient referrals through a robust Patient Referral System, access the Career Center with thousands of jobs from accross various recruitment companies. Attendingdr was developed with the idea that your 1 professional profile should be a gateway to physician jobs, physician resources, physician information, networking and much much more. All this in a secure environment that will ensure privacy and security of your information. Medical Societies, health systems, and large group practices choose AttendingDR to help manage their proprietary networks and member benefits through White Label Solutions that may be customized to fulfill their networks’ needs.