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Ideal TeleHealth, LLC

TeleHealth Solution Provider
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743 Anderson Avenue
907010  Cliff Side Park
Cliffside Park  New Jersey  07010
United States
United States

Description of company business

deal TeleHealth uses the Internet to deliver home health care monitoring to individuals and groups. This allows group therapy with mental health counselor (all group members can see and hear each other and the psychologist/psychologist control of group via technology controls; psychologist can take medical notes in real time, which can be downloaded automatically to patients’ EMR) virtual visits (face to face with doctors and health care providers) facilitated by:

Legislative changes trending toward reimbursement for Virtual Visits

Mental Health Parity: New changes in law require mental health treatment and reimbursement to be on a parity with physical health treatment and reimbursement (i.e., now, health insurance must reimburse for ongoing treatment/Virtual Visits for chronic mental health problems, such as individual or group therapy). This is a significant change from former insurance reimbursement caps for an average of six mental health treatment/psychologist visits.

One of our solutions

Patent-pending, multi-solution Ideal CommuniCare|Case™ are supplied to patients in their homes for a low rental fee.

Equally reusable and durable, all CommuniCare|Case™ contain:

HIPAA encrypted videophones with WebRT for Virtual Visits between patients and doctors (newly reimbursable).
Ideal solutions are on partnered networks (like AT&T, others)
Ideal connects their own hotspots for patient homes which lack Internet service (for rural areas)
Plug-and-play’ ready; just need an exterior electrical outlet.

Contains home health monitoring devices, such as blood sugar testing (for diabetics), ECG tracings (cardiac/stroke patients) for blood pressure monitoring, etc., which immediately transmit test results via Bluetooth to doctors’ offices and into patients’ Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and automatically sends red flag notifications (e-mails) to doctors when test results are outside normal limits.

Touch-screen tablets or low profile net books for face-to-face Virtual Visits with doctors, and log in capacity to the Ideal TeleHealth site, providing access to Ideal software platforms and doctors.

Ideal uses HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records.
Ideal offers automatic billing services.

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