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LibraryOfMedicine, LLC


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Rumson  New Jersey  07760
United States

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Library Of Medicine, LLC has officially started a global healthcare initiative with the goal of educating the general population across the planet on medical conditions. Patients have had minimal access to quality unbiased, open access, peer-reviewed information over centuries and it is our mission to change this deficiency. Our mission is to provide this information to the general public in easy to understand terms (layman’s terms) and formats. This will bridge the gap between patient and provider, thereby empowering the patient to make better healthcare decisions.

Our initial efforts are aimed at simplifying written and online medical information by publishing articles in easy to understand formats (layman’s terms). We have created the world’s first medical journal for patients. This journal is peer-reviewed to help eliminate bias and misinformation that is found online in many other outlets. We are also the only medical journal that combines all of the sub-specialties of medicine, alternative medicine and dentistry. Additionally, we are making medical education simple, interactive and social. We have a subscriber and a featured physician credits system in place that helps promote learning in a fun and interactive way by allowing social interaction (following, being followed). Come learn with us at LibraryOfMedicine.com. Medical information. Simple.


I extend this testimonial in support of the work that LOM is doing in developing physician generated medical information directed towards the public. It's a wonderful opportunity for physicians to get involved and participate in providing valuable medical information to the public.

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LibraryOfMedicine, LLC

We are currently seeking healthcare providers to serve as Featured Physicians for LibraryOfMedicine.com. This role on our website includes blog posting, advisory roles and provides a route to publicize your professional social media platforms.

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