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Medical Consults


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1 Broad St
Stamford  Connecticut  06901
United States

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Medical Consults, LLC offers more than your typical consulting company.  We have 35 years of hands on experience.  We work collaboratively with your practice to provide a personalized revenue cycle assessment that yield results in 3-6 months.  Increasing revenue 10-40 percent, with our hands on approach, reduce denials, reduce write-offs, receive payments faster and reduce collections.

Services Provided

Complete Revenue Cycle Analysis:  We follow the life of your claim, from front desk procedures to billing of claim, to payment of claim.

Coding Review:  Incorrectly coded claims can cost your practice $50-$100 thousand dollars depending on the size of your practice.  Our certified codes review your charts to see if you captured all the charges and if the chart is correctly coded and in compliance. 

Chart Audits: Auditing ensures accurate coding, documentation, and reimbursement. Audits help identify outliners within a practice. Audits decrease the chances of a Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC).  It pinpoints inaccuracies in procedure coding, missed revenue potential, poor coding habits, under coding and over coding.  All costing a practice thousands in lost revenue and possible compliance issues.

Denial Analysis: Medical Necessity is the number one denial reason.  We review all denied claims and put processes in place to avoid future, similar denials.

A/R Review: We analyze your current A/R for patterns.  Why are the claims still unpaid? 

Documentation Analysis:  Reviewing your documentation will show if you are in compliance with rules and regulations and guidelines.  It will also show if you have coded everything correctly and compliant.

Collection analysis:  We will review your current collection and write off processes to see if the collection process is working for your practice.  Was the patient sent to collections correctly or could we have avoided the collection services? 

Write off analysis:  We analyze your write offs to see if the write offs are accurate or incorrect.

Training:  We provide you and your staff with training on all of the above, including ICD-10.

Practice Management:  We manage your practice to ensure all of the above is provided.  We keep track of your billing and collection to ensure you are getting paid the maximum while staying compliant with the rules, regulations and guidelines specific to your practice.


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