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Allocca Biotechnology, LLC

Biometabolic AnalysisTM - Advanced Scientific Technology in Clinical Nutrition
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Description of company business Allocca Biotechnology, LLC provides a state-of-the-art computerized clinical nutritional assessment service to medical doctors, N.D.s, D.O.s, chiropractors, clinical nutritionists, healthcare counselors, and any healthcare business. Would you like to enhance your clinical nutritional program for your patients with a computerized report, including assessment and recommendations? Or would you like to add an additional stream of income to your practice without having to be trained in clinical nutrition, or hiring a clinical nutritionist? The computerized Biometabolic AnalysisTM does all the work. It is literally like having “a nutritionist in a box,” with customized nutritional programs recommended based on your patients individual biochemistry and symptom profile. The Biometabolic AnalysisTM - Advanced Scientific Technology in Clinical Nutrition, was developed in 1996, when Dr. Allocca, a medical research scientist, created the world's first and only biochemical model of migraine headaches2, revealing the exact mechanisms of migraines. He created a nutritional protocol, which has been proven effective in a medical university study1. Dr. Allocca's research then progressed to facilitate healing of other disorders, such as membrane transport and oxidative phosphorylation, and programmed these biochemical models into a state-of-the-art software program called "Biometabolic AnalysisTM.” There are hundreds of biochemical pathways in the body that interact with positive and negative feedback. For example, if thyroid hormone is administered, the hypothalamus will produce less thyroid stimulating hormone. It gets even more complicated. Are nutrients being absorbed into the blood stream? Are nutrients being transported into the cells? Is oxidative phosphorylation optimized? How are nutrients interacting with each biochemical pathway and with each other? It becomes so complex that it requires a computer program to analyze it all. That program is called Biometabolic AnalysisTM. All of the biochemical models and pathways used in the software are published3. Biometabolic AnalysisTM produces an individualized step-by-step plan geared towards each person's specific health needs. Everyone can benefit from this technology, whether to maintain optimum health or heal an existing condition, Biometabolic AnalysisTM is the essential Clinical Nutrition software, provided as a service, with no out of pocket expense to the doctor or practitioner.

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The Biometabolic AnalysisTM - Advanced Scientific Technology in Clinical Nutrition With the use of an extensive symptom questionnaire, and the addition of a few in-office procedures such as taking blood pressure, tympanic temperature, urinalysis, fasting blood glucose, and peripheral doppler ultrasound, you can receive a full Biometabolic AnalysisTM Report for your patient. The report includes: Vital Statistics Conditions which may interfere with good health Basal Metabolic Rate Body Mass Index Test Results Analyzed and Explained Symptoms Probability Profile Biological Age Factors Dietary Recommendations Nutritional Supplements Recommendations Exercise Recommendations Additional Information for Specific Problems Other Recommendations COST The cost for each Biometabolic Analysis is only $99 per patient report. Once you register with Allocca Biotechnology, this fee is charged to your credit card at the time the service is provided. The completed questionnaire is faxed to Allocca Biotechnology, and the report can be received back to you usually within several days. The patient is charged by you for the testing and the office visit, so you have received the $99 (suggested cost to patient is $300) before your credit card is charged for the service. It is recommended that the analysis is repeated once every 6-12 months. There is a 10% discount for AttendingDr members. Additional Income Stream This service is easy. The administration of the questionnaire, and follow up recommendations can be confidently handled by you, or a member of your office staff. No need to hire a nutritionist or take courses in clinical nutrition. You charge the client for the analysis, the office visit, and follow up visits. There is no need to stock supplements. Allocca Biotechnology will guide you through the steps of setting up a personal portal with a top quality nutritional distributor so that your patients can order their supplements directly, and you get the commission. Every one comes out ahead. Help Your Patient to: Improve Energy, Endurance, and Performance Prevent Stroke and Heart Attack Prevent Migraine Reduce Pain Reduce Stress Lose Weight Why wait? Contact us NOW!

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